We’ve been ordering lots of animal, insect and sea creature jewelry for spring/summer 2012.  Looks like we’re on trend.  So much from which to choose!  So pretty! 








Color is definitely happening, as is pretty, architectural shapes, bold, and whimsical.  Gigantor-huge earrings are also in full force.  ImageFun!!!ImageImageImage

$5 million watch - by Hublot

I’ve been so focused on tracking down jewelry designer Delfina Delletrez based solely on the merit of her designs, which juxtapose whimsy with darkness and irony with beauty.  And now I’m learning that she’s an offspring of the Fendi family, fourth-generation Italian.  The proverbial apple surely does not fall far from the tree in the style and impact of these designs.  Impeccable!  Unique and edgy but timeless.  We need her in the Talisman CollectionImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Had a fun dinner in Las Vegas with designer Rebecca Michaels.  Rebecca, a Los Angeles-based designer, hails from my hometown, Central Pennsylvania.   Given her sartorial savoir faire, I never would have guessed it.   

Wholesale rep firm extraordinaire, Positively Ewe, brought us together.  Rebecca, not only with her designs, but also with her engaging and sparkling personality, spreads happiness and beauty wherever she goes.  A former engineer, these designs meld high intellect with esoteric beauty from the inside-out.  It’s fitness wear for the future.   Watch for her name.  She’s spreading beauty far and wide with colors, shapes and comfort.

What’s not to love about an Azurite Headband? 



 Not to mention some really special yoga and resort wear. 

IPretty Pretty Pretty….




Here’s what’s funny: I met designer Joanne Stoker at PLATFORM in Las Vegas. Her shoes literally took my breath away. Her kindness and humility and complete lack of cynicism led me to assume that she’s a neophyte. And now, after reading her bio, I understand a few contributing factors to her talent. Mentored by Jimmy Choo, she has a Masters in Shoe Design. I was surprised to learn that there’s noplace to buy these gorgeous creations in the US. Aside from the edgy designs and future-trend colors, two years before they’ve hit mainstream here, her materials are sublime. Soft, buttery leathers. Imaginative textiles. And the shoes are as comfortable as they are pretty.

How rare to find something truly beautiful and original, and to meet an artist so lovely, friendly and humble. People of this nature are my inspiration.

I guess I’m going to have to go to the UK to get these shoes. They’re timeless. Nothing about these shoes will go out of style. What more can a lover and collector of beautiful shoes want?

Please, US retailers – bring these shoes across the pond for us to buy cherish.